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Abdullah Khattana
6 min readAug 26, 2020


Hello everyone!

It’s been 8 months of this pandemic in this world.

Yes! 8 months. 8 months of change. This change has changed the climate. It changed our behaviour, it changed our lives, changed our offices, changed our habits, changed our thinking, changed our perception about this world especially mine.

Before December-19, we all were busy in our lives. We were doing our jobs, spending time with our family and friends, going to institutions for studies, enjoying weekends at beaches, participating in weddings etc.

But then there in December 19, we heard the news of Corona’s first case from wahan China. But didn’t pay any attention because we don’t care about someone’s pain. We realize it only when suffer through it. Then these increased day by day from hundreds to thousands and deaths also started to happen. Then we pay a little bit attention.

In February, China’s horns were caught in Bush of Corona. But now Corona shifts its attention toward Europe and attacked Italy but Italians gave no attention to it. And it spread itself there too and killed thousands of people. And it entered in Pakistan territory, it was the time of PSL in Pakistan and everyone was so indulged into it. Praying for winning of their favourite teams. It was the start of my spring semester and It was two weeks since i went to Abbottabad from Gujrat for my university and I was missing home after 2 months semester ending vacation. Soon we heard a news that one case has come out in Pakistan from Iran. It was the days when people of Pakistan (ismail e shia) were coming from visiting spiritual sides of Iran especially the shrine of Hazrat Ali (R.A). Some cases also entered in Pakistan through certain flights from italy, China and other foreign countries. And that’s how it entered Pakistan.

On March 15, the Government of Pakistan declared a notification of closing all educational institutions. We were glad but at same time frightened of this virus because after all we have to reached to our homes on local transport but we were glad too of having 2 weeks holiday more. Returned our homes and within 2 to 3 months it was successfully distributed between the public by the public. And at the same we were hearing the news of the number of deaths in italy and Spain and we were so frightened. Soon the Government of Pakistan decided to implement lockdown for two weeks. Some people wanted to implement it for a month but it might be a destruction of economical affairs of Pakistan if it will ever happened. Our Government fully supported the public and distributed 414 billion rupees in the poor and needy people so that their kiln will never be cold or affected by this virus. And this virus extended our holidays to two months and added an other one in it and now its July 24 and our institutes are still close but we are taking online classes from our respective universities.

This was the story of Pakistan, now let’s tell you what I observed in these 8 months.

When I came back to my home. I was having a mental sickness!

Mental sickness is one of the severe sicknesses and I also went through from last 8 months. I was feeling happy that this 2 weeks holiday may cure my mental health. When I came here, I told my friend that I am back and then we started going on evening walk daily to my nearest football ground. We run there, listened to songs and discuss some issues of my friend. I have friend how betrayed me and I couldn’t forget that. My trust on anyone was totally devastated by him but i never shared it to anyone. I got some really bad grades in my two semesters so I was completely broken. I even can’t talk in between people. And my family was worried about me especially my mother. Then I went for evening walks daily and I found there are some people in our life that really cares about us. There are not too much but enough for us. We should be thankful to God for he give us and didn’t give us. Which helped me a lot and I started focus on my studies and by grace of God, I got really good grades. I also felt the nature, I felt the power that blessed us with the beautiful things. It told me that I am not alone there is power (God) with me all the time that will never let me done. HE brought these people in our life to test us and aware us about such people. So don’t let your life ruin by these bulshits.

You can also controls it by doing certain things that relax you. Well, when I get depressed, I go toward painting, writing about my problem, starts talking to God and watching YouTube etc.

I think we should start thinking about it!

Did we ever noticed that how many sins we do on daily bases but HE still bless us with a lot of things. Did we ever noticed how sun shines from east at 6’O clock and drown in west on every 5’O clock. Why don’t it rise at 9 or 10’O clock and how this miracle happens daily. Who’s controlling? Whom it obeying?

I think we should start thinking about it!

This really help you to find inner peace and your inner peace will take you toward your success. I felt it and Its helping alot.

Stop being JEALOUS!

We have people in our lives who want to drag us behind them, who suffers badly when we achieve something. So what should we do. Should we give the response which they give or we have to go towards the differences. In these months, I chosen Difference. Don’t go toward jealousy because jealousy will drag you towards the well of hell, he will earn none and will die in that jealousy. So if someone gets promotion, congrats him and if someone deported build his courage. One day when you will deported, God will build your courage. Help others if they are in trouble. God will help you, when you will be in trouble.

Let this jealousy not ruin you. In this jealousy, there is big role of our relatives that create comparison of their kids with someone others especially when there come results of our respective subjects. I think we should give importance to someone’s grades, someone’s interest and let him decide what he/ she really wants to do because in Pakistan, our parents decide what their kids shall do, not the kids could decide. And that’s how most of the kids are dragged from their interested subjects to those about whom they have zero percent interest and they often fail in achieving what their parents want. But at same the most common thing is that your cousin who is in the same discipline achieve good grades that increases the disappointment level in our parents about us and they often got angry and that’s how jealousy grow in our hearts. So please stop this comparison.

Let you Children decide their future.

No doubt being their parents you can advise them because no one can give them such an advice as being a parent you give them. But don’t panic them. Stop this comparison.

Stop this jealousy!

Stop growing seeds of hate in your heart!

And the journey towards changing myself is still continue.

Everything I shared above, I have passed through it. I have alot to share but I think this blog should be ended here so that i could right more……

Do you agree or disagree?

Give your opinion about it..



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