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Abdullah Khattana
3 min readMar 14, 2022

Animals are God’s such a beautiful creation that fall you in love with them. basically, I am an animal lover, and my favorite animal is goat. its diamond shaped face and its long hanging ears look so attractive and adorable that is why it is a domestic animal.

Now let’s talk about its breeds. There are almost 12 breeds of goats in the whole world named as Alpine (French goat which gives max. of milk), Nubian (South-eastern goat uses for meat purposes), Boer (South-African goat uses for meat purposes), Spanish (very active and uses for meat purposes), Cashmere ( uses for making sweaters through its cashmere), Angora (requires extra care and protection against weather condition due to its hairy skin), Pygmy (USA goat and uses as a pet), Nigerian dwarf (as name suggests that it’s from Nigeria and have a very small range of milk), Kiko (New Zealand goat uses for meat purposes), Tennessee Fainting (USA goat uses for meat purposes and an interesting fact about this goat is, that it can stiffens itself for 13 to 19 seconds), and Beetal (Pak-Indo goat uses for meat and milk) etc.

Goat produces milk which is mostly used for making cheese especially in west. Production of milk in goats depends upon the quantity of their feed. Maximum milk produce by the goats is 5.2 liters.

Since I am a pet lover, so when I decided to choose a pet for me, I chose my first pet a goat. She was a Beetal goat. I was in my eight standard, when I got it. She was a baby goat may be of a week older. 1st thing that this animal taught me was that either you are a human or an animal, you cannot live alone. I ever wore any belt around her neck. She was free to move in the whole house. She often came into my room and I am sleep, she started singing in her voice to wake me up. Animals are very familiar with their care taker’s voices, so did she. I used to call her name (Honey) from quite far and she started running toward me all the times. then she grew old and one day she died due to dysentery. Having a pet is easy but losing that pet is worse. I still remember that hardest day, when I lost her.

Having a goat as a pet was an amazing experience and according to my experience, this animal requires so much care. You cannot leave it outside at night especially in winter and in rain and in extreme summer season as well. The food provided to this animal should not be overdosed because overdose causes diseases like dysentery and sometimes it even causes swelling of its belly which further leads to death of goats. another important point that should always be keep in mind is that goats love eating peels of fruits and vegetables. but if you are feeding your goats with the peels of fruits like orange, it might be dangerous for your goats to digest and can also become the cause of their death. Therefore, take great care of them, love them.

That’s my favorite animal. What’s your favorite? Do tell me…



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