What does it mean to be an empowered woman?

Abdullah Khattana
3 min readMar 9, 2022

Yesterday, it was March 08, 2022. for me, it was a bit sleepy day because the day before yesterday, I arrived back from my home town to my university. Almost at noon, I woke up and as a social media obsessed person, I started scrolling down my Instagram. What I saw, were quotes and appreciative posts and video's about International Women’s Day from the people, I am following.

Right now, its mid night and I was again scrolling my Instagram before going to bed, watching stories. There is a story that restrained me from sleeping and let think and write something. I watched a story of an American Adult CAP Psychiatrist DR. HIRA WASEEM and this what she wrote;

This question of, “What does it mean to be an empowered woman?” ask for the perspective of a woman that we have made in our minds. and definitely, everywhere has his own perspective. when I saw this story, this question actually knocked my brain and my heart at the same time.

It asked me, hey Mr.! what is your opinion and from that time, I have been thinking about the only woman I have in my life and that is my Mother. Before getting married, all of the boys have only sisters and mother in their earlier life and they learnt a lot from both them and especially from mother. it is because, “ A mother is the first institution for a child to learn”.

She do so many things for her children which no one can think of. she has so many problems to face either if she is a housewife or a working woman but in all those problems and activities, she never forgets her child. she never forgets , when to feed him/her, when to shower them, when to take them to bed, when to and where to take them for outing, when to leave them school and when to pick them from their, when to start gathering money for their higher studies. whatever is the favorite food of her children and how much effort, she has to put in for cooking that, she will cook it . This effort is nothing in front her children’s happy faces. All she want is the smiling face of her children.

So for me, A woman is gifted with power of Motherhood by God. this motherhood is her eternal power which empowers her to fight against any hurdle no matter how much risky and though it is and how sacrifices she has to made, she will made it. Because, she is a woman and a mother as well. therefore, motherhood empowers a woman.

This is what I think, what are your thoughts on, “What does it mean to be an empowered woman?”. Please share your thoughts after reading this, let’s see what do you think. Its 04:54 am, so GOOD MORNING to all of you from me and have a very great day a head to all of you and Happy Women’s Day to all the women.



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